Featured Member: Priscilla Cordoba Tarkington

Featured Member: Priscilla Cordoba Tarkington

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I'm Priscilla Cordoba Tarkington, intrepid traveler and behind the scenes tastemaker! A first generation American born to my Salvadoran mother and Colombian father. Raised in Brooklyn, NYC, Miami, and now in Los Angeles county - though in the suburbs! I enjoy creating and composing environments, experiences and capturing them on camera! I'm obsessed with traveling, flying and the thrill of exploring faraway places vastly different from my own culture at home. I'm also obsessed with bringing my family together in my personal time for togetherness. In addition to that, I'm blessed to have an amazing husband who is supportive of my creative endeavours, who also loves to travel and a cat who puts up with it all!! LOL


What do you do?

Many can relate to being a multi-hyphenate these days, and I'm no exception. :) My many hats: Set decorator, interior designer, photographer, world traveler, producer/director Yes - I am doing all of them, though not all simultaneously! I'm a IATSE union Local 44 Set Decorator for film and television and continuously shopping for any ongoing interior design projects. I love documenting landscapes, interiors and architecture particularly while I travel, but also personal events with family and friends. I used to rely on my Canon Rebel, but now I mostly use my iphone 14 for my captures! Finding the right light, framing the shot, taking the shot (or recording video) and editing does more than bring me joy, it sharpens my focus to a zone I love to be in. I travel at every possible chance, currently counting 36 countries and many more to go! Before decorating I ran the production offices for various tv scripted comedy series, and prior to that I produced and directed several short films, all of which screened at film festivals around the world. I am currently developing a series idea involving travel, of course!

What advice would you have for your younger self?

Speak up more to obtain your goals. Trust your gut. You know who you are deep down inside, don't be afraid to be yourself.


If you were a book, what would be its title?

A Relentless Passion.


How did you start Casita Mariposa in Florida?

During the lockdown in 2020, I really longed for a backyard, an escape, ideally close to our family in Miami, Florida. On Christmas Day in 2020, I found a 2 bedroom, 2 bath casita in little known Hallandale Beach, Florida. What really captured my attention about the property, was the florida room facing the backyard. The house itself has an old Florida charm and its petite backyard beckoned with the sound of its palm and podocarpus trees rustling in the wind. For such a small footprint in a busy, bustling, not yet gentrified (but slowly modernizing) city of Hallandale Beach, the casita and its backyard provides a sense of peace, perfect for rest, relaxation, yoga and escapism. I was immediately hooked and knew it had to be ours.


Where can we find your property?

The city of Hallandale Beach is a relatively unknown but very much thriving small city seemingly suspended in its art deco, Old Florida style. It is located in south Broward county, only an 8 minute drive south to Aventura, Miami's northernmost suburban city full of quality, trendy restaurants and high-end shopping. There are many economical shopping and dining options in Hallandale Beach near the Casita on Federal Hwy or on Hallandale Beach Blvd. We are walking distance to several of those international cafes and convenience stores, yet surrounded by several blocks of quiet residential homes. The drive to the nearest beach, South City Beach Park from the Casita is about 8 minutes. Alternatively, artsy Hollywood Beach is a 10 minute drive north, Las Olas Beach in Ft. Lauderdale is about a 25 minute drive north, Sunny Isles beach and the North Miami Beaches are about a 25 - 35 minute drive south. Of course there are many more beaches further up north on Collins Ave or south towards South Beach, all awash in aqua ombre "come hither" colors and warmth. The drive south on Collins Ave towards South Beach from the Casita is our favorite scenic urban beach route! We are also conveniently located between Ft. Lauderdale international airport and Miami international airport.


What is the decor style you used?

The decor is unabashedly inspired by tropical "Old Florida" and the Caribbean making use of rattan, cane and grass cloth but also a few modern elements to brighten it up a bit. 90% of everything we assembled and installed at the Casita was done by our family, something I'm proud of. Casita Mariposa translates to little butterfly house. If you spend enough time in the backyard, you'll be sure to see whichever butterfly of the season is currently dashing about in the area. Check out our website at casitamariposaflorida.com

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